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June 17 , 2015 / Posted by admin / Codex / No Comments

The Alternative of Healthy Living

Clinical nutrition, nutritional therapy and plain old good nutritional management have long included using dosages of vitamins and minerals that are substantially higher than those typically found in the average, contemporary diet. Our bodies’ requirement for higher dose supplements The following set of precepts were formulated and published upon the founding of the British Society

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April 21 , 2015 / Posted by admin / Codex / No Comments

What Can You Do to Influence Codex?

The short answer is that it’s extremely difficult to influence Codex. It’s even harder if you’re in Europe, as European Member States don’t just act individually, they are also ‘spoken for’ by the European Commission which acts on behalf of the EU trading bloc. So even if you get the ear of the bureaucrats within

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September 11 , 2014 / Posted by admin / Codex / No Comments

How the Codex Affects Your Health

Codex is not an easy subject to get to grips with. With over 20 committees meeting on an annual basis, and published reports comprising a total of over 1,400 pages in 2005 alone, most people are blissfully unaware of the extent to which its activities affect their health. Read on to discover the bigger picture

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